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Stolen from schellibie and netbug009. :>

JANUARY: Wow, this is my first entry of 2009, isn't it? Man, I really need to update this thing more. XD

FEBUARY: "If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?" A job as an animator or director...or heck, ANYTHING at Pixar. XD

MARCH: Heh, so yeah, I woke up this morning to weird voices in my house.

APRIL: Okay, I do not feel good. @_@

MAY: Mmmyeah, BC tagged me with this character meme last night for TICH from our WERPchats, and I think it looks fun, so I might as well do it while I have a free moment. XP

JUNE: Soooo, yesterday, my family and I drove up into the mountains to check out some Indian ruins.

JULY: ...A-Actually, I didn't post anything in July! That month sucked and I wasn't myself. 8D; NEXT MONTH!

AUGUST: Wow, seriously? Has it really been over a month since I last updated? That's... pretty crazy.

SEPTEMBER: Yyyyeah, I really need to update this thing more often then I do... the only reason I haven't lately is because my life has been so gosh darn boring.

OCTOBER: On a side note, I REALLY need to update more often. XD; Sorry about that, I've just been ten times more easily distracted than usual lately. I really don't know why I've gotten so bad about that, but yeah.

NOVEMBER: I got a rock. :[

DECEMBER: I have just realized that I have not made a Thanksgiving entry yet, so I am changing that right now! =o

Woooow, the majority of my journal entries are talking about how much I need to update my journal. FAIL.


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