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Star Wars in Concert

And as usual, I have forgotten to update about something until days after it actually happened. Whoops.

Anyways, I went to see Star Wars in Concert with my mom on Sunday, and it was pretty freaking awesome.

Pictures! Spoilers, I guess?Collapse )

I've never been to any sort of geeky show like this before, unless you count going to see all the Rifftrax Live shows in theaters, but this was truly a great experience for me. I got to see the actual props from some of my favorite movies, meet some cool people (Excluding the guy sitting behind me who was going into great detail about popping zits), and hear one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time live. I've stated multiple times that I think John Williams is a genius, so hearing some of his stuff live was just really, really neat, and the orchestra sounded pitch perfect. I definitely recommend it if you're a Star Wars fan or just a John Williams fan in general!

(Just a tip though, if you do go, get there early. We got there when the doors opened, and the museum area still filled up pretty dang fast. My only regret is that we didn't get to spend more time there, really.)

Brace Face

Ehhh, I think anybody who follows me on Twitter or Facebook probably knows this by now, but I finally got my braces yesterday!

This is... kind of a big deal for me, since I've been needing them for YEARS. So, to finally have them is really exciting and surreal... I can't wait to have the pretty, straight teeth I've always wanted!

As for the process, it's not QUITE as bad as I thought it would be... to have all that metal in my mouth feels weird, and I'm definitely pretty sore, but honestly, my foot injury last week was much worse. XD Really, the hardest part for me right now is getting used to the two pads they put on two of my molars in the back. It kind of feels like if you got a HUGE piece of hard candy stuck in your teeth, and you couldn't get them out, and they started to get really sore. It's supposed to improve my bite and keep my teeth from bumping into each other, but boy is it uncomfortable. =/ I still can't chew properly because of that and just the general soreness in my teeth, so I'm stuck with eating incredibly soft foods for now, and I've had chocolate milkshakes from Whataburger for lunch two days in a row now. Not that that's a BAD thing, but some real food would be nice, y'know?

Ahhh well, apparently I should be used to them within a week, so hopefully it'll get better. I know once they're tightened, they'll probably get sore again, but I know it'll all be worth it in the end. I've also been told I look good in them, so at least I don't have to worry about my appearance? XD;

Other then that, not much else to report... other then that my feet are now fully healed, and I need a haircut. Badly. And yet I still have two weeks until my appointment... how they heck am I going to SURVIVE?
Ack, my apologies for not updating this at all while I was at South Padre... for some reason, my grandparent's internet just would NOT work for me, even though we tried everything. So, no daily updates for me. Ehhh, what can ya do?

It ended up being a pretty fun trip, though. The drive up on Saturday wasn't too bad as far as six hour drives go, although it was still incredibly boring. Nothing but endless green fields, although we did come across a stretch where there were THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of sunflowers, so that was kind of neat. :D I was still immensely relieved once we got to my grandparent's house, though.

I don't think we really did much that night... just hung out with my relatives for a while, and ate a really good dinner on their back porch. They lit up their torches, and we ate chicken, and it was just really nice. Took this picture while I was eating too... I like it quite a bit.

After we finished eating, James wanted to spend the night with us, so we went over to my grandparent's guest house. My parent's decided to use the downstairs, but we teens got to use the sweet little apartment upstairs, which I also took a picture of.

It was basically a HUGE room located in the roof of the house that had it's own bathroom and even kitchen with a fridge, and a microwave. I don't think we've ever had a room to ourselves before, so that was REALLY nice. XD My only regret was that we didn't get to conduct any gruesome food experiments in the kitchen!

This was around the point I discovered we didn't have internet, because we had planned on watching some MST3K episodes (Which I have proudly gotten my cousins into), and I could not for the life of me get online. I think I tried another connection and managed to get on for about two minutes, and then it was out for the rest of the trip. REALLY disappointing, since that would have been a ton of fun. =/ We ended up watching about half of To Catch a Thief instead. (Not that I'm complaining, good movie.)

...Oh yeah, and my brother managed to almost ruin the entire trip for us by nearly fracturing his foot. The only obnoxious thing about staying upstairs was that the stairs were located outside, so you had to go through the backyard to get anywhere. For some reason, my brother thought it would be a good idea to step out there in the middle of the night to get a drink from my grandparent's house, and he came back a moment later limping and said that he almost broke his foot because he missed the last step. My parents were already asleep, and I could barely think at this point, so I think I gave him a wet rag or something and asked him why the heck he decided to go out there in the dark. XD; It was all a bit dramatic for a while, but luckily things eventually settled down, and we managed to go to sleep.

Woke up the next morning at around 8:00, and immediately woke Conor and James up before hopping in the shower. A couple of hours later, we were on our way to South Padre, and man, people weren't lying when they said that this is probably the nicest beach in Texas. It's REALLY pretty... the sand is nice and soft, and the water is the perfect temperature, and actually somewhat clear. It was also as hot as heck, but that's what playing in the waves is for! Here are a few pictures.

The waves were FUN, by far the best part of the trip for me. XD The only problem was they were REALLY strong, and I was actually pulled under water at one point, which was... scary. It's times like those I'm glad I'm a good swimmer, because I was literally pulled along the ocean floor, and I ended up swallowing quite a bit of salt water. I think I ended up getting out and sitting down after that, because I could barely see anything. (Salt water stings like HECK.) Other than that though, it was totally awesome!

Unfortunately, my uncle and cousins had to leave to go home, and my grandparents had to take them back to their house, so we we left all alone. After a while, I was completely miserable, because it was extremely hot, I could barely see anything, and I was covered in salt water and sand. I think I ended up sitting in the car for a while to read the MST3K Episode Guide, but it didn't really help. We ended up leaving a couple of hours later, thank goodness.

I actually really don't remember much about that night, except for EXTREME PAIN! Despite putting on sunscreen, I totally forgot to put any on my feet and upper legs, so by the end of the day, it felt like somebody had thrown hot oil on me. I was DYING. On top of that, I felt sick, tired, and my grandparent's had their air conditioning off, so I think I ended up retreating into the guest house nearly in tears after a while. I don't remember much after that besides my parents giving me painkillers and then crashing.

The next thing I remember was being woken up the next morning by Dad barging into our room and telling us to come downstairs, because there was a tornado warning in effect for our area. So basically, as soon as I got up, I had to gather all of my stuff and run outside in the pouring rain, then curl up downstairs and hope that the storm would pass. Fun times! Thankfully, it did pass over, and we were able to go out to eat at a really good Mexican restaurant before leaving for home. XD

I don't remember much about the ride back either, other than that despite the it being more interesting than the drive to get there, it felt like it went on for about two years. Getting home and being able to sleep in my own bed was the nicest feeling ever after a pretty exhausting, but fun couple of days. ^^

Only one problem: The sunburn on my feet? It hasn't gone away. In fact, it got worse after our drive back home, to the point where I could barely even walk for a few days. They were bright red, swollen, and had a tendency to randomly, horribly cramp up, leaving me stumbling all over the place. They seem like they're getting better, but it's verrrrry slow process, so I still can't wear shoes yet or anything. Hopefully they'll feel better by tomorrow.

(...Also, completely off topic but Kickassia finale tonight!! *bounces and grins creepily* I might spazz about it on here after I watch the whole thing, we'll see.)

So, yesterday was pretty whack, yo.

Why yes, I AM the queen of cool.

Anyways. First off, I finally found a bathing suit!

Cut so I don't hurt anyone's flist...Collapse )

Taken from my Dailybooth. It's kinda hard to tell, but it's basically a tankini top with a black swim-skirt that I got from Target. Both are super comfortable, and exactly what I needed. All I wanted was a little coverage, people! Why is that so much to ask for? XD But anyways, that's over with now, and for that I am very grateful.

Now on to yesterday, it was... busy. I was pretty much running around from the moment I got up. We had to find flip-flops and beach chairs and umbrellas, and Wal-Mart didn't have anything, so we had to go to Target and bah. Thankfully, Target had everything we needed. Score 1 for Target!

After that, went to Strait's Music to pick up some new guitar strings and a tuner. I've had a really nice Ibanez acoustic guitar for I THINK about/over eight years now, and all that time, I've had no idea how to play it. Which is sad really, because I've always adored them. I've even had dreams about playing a guitar, and then felt so disappointed when I woke up and it wasn't real. (Don't ya just hate dreams like that?) But stupidly, instead of actually figuring out how to play it, I just let it sit in the back of my closet all these years, and as a result, the strings got old and sounded TERRIBLE. I fail.

Fortunately, I read up on how to restring your guitar, and I spent about an hour and a half working on it. It was REALLY hard at first and required a lot of arm strength, which exhausted me, but then I finally got the hang of it. This morning I actually managed to get it tuned with the help of some Youtube videos, and it sounds beautiful now! Hopefully I can learn how to play some actual songs soon.

That was nice to finally get done, but the best part was my lesson... I admittedly was having a LOT of trouble keeping Mio's head down at first, which was totally my fault. Instead of gently vibrating my inside rein, I was basically jerking it out of frustration, which was naturally causing him to fight with me. It was out of tension, I guess, but we had improved a bit by the time the lesson ended. The cantering felt lovely, once again.

The real fun part was after the lesson, though! The girls who were having a lesson after us were warming up by cantering their horses around in a nearby pasture, and I mentioned I thought it looked fun. My teacher responded to this with "That does look fun, lets do it!", and told us to head over there and she would meet up with us in a minute. Once my friend and I were in the pasture, we walked around for a second, and then I decided "what the heck", urged Mio into a canter, and leaned forward.

It was... wow. Running a horse around in a field has always been something I've dreamed of doing, but up until this point, I didn't have the confidence. In fact, I used to be pretty terrified of cantering. Here though, everything was just PERFECT. Everything was in sync, Mio wasn't fighting me in any way, and I felt comfortable and secure. And most importantly, we were having FUN. My whole relationship with him as far as riding goes for the past few years has basically been me fighting him, asking him over and over again to just do what I ask of him (Which is NOT his fault by the way, he was never properly trained), but here everything was perfect and we were having a blast. It was an amazing experience, I'll never forget it.

Oh, and we were going FAST too. >D I thought we had gone into a slow gallop at one point. My trainer was also freaking out, but in a good way... she said she couldn't believe that just a few months ago I was scared to canter in just the arena, and now we were running around in a field. Everyone else in the area seemed to think it was pretty cool too... I was honestly surprised by how big of a reaction we got. And honored, of course! ^^

And then I went home and passed out a few hours later. What an exhausting, but neat day.

Speaking of passing out, I should go do that now. We're leaving for South Padre on Sunday (Tomorrow now, I guess?), so tomorrow... err, today will probably be spent running around and packing. I'm expecting it to be just as exhausting as Thursday was. :P Anyways, goodnight LJ!
Oh yeah, I never wrote about my uncle's new website, did I? Well, a couple of months ago he told me that he and my cousins were going to be creating a site where they would be reviewing various movies and video games, and he asked me if I wanted to be a guest contributor. Since I basically eat, sleep and breathe movies anyway, I said "sure!", and jumped on as a movie reviewer and editor. The site was in draft format for a while, but my uncle just published it last night, so here it is!

For the record, I did not come up with the name, they did, so bug them about it. :P Anyways, they try to keep it short, entertaining and funny, so check it out! My Iron Man 2 review is on there right now... from here on out, all of my movie reviews will be posted there. So, I guess this sort of counts as an almost-job for me? I mean, I'm not being payed for it or anything, but my uncle has mentioned giving me money so I could go to the movies more often, so we'll see. I'll talk to him about it next week.

That reminds me, only six days until our trip to South Padre! I'm confused about the weather though... weatherchannel.com said it's going to rain all week, but my dad said that the weather is supposed to be perfect. Also, according to weatherchannel.com, it's going to rain pretty much everywhere in Texas all week, which means it would have to be a REALLY FLIPPIN' HUGE STORM. I give up at this point. =/

Not much else to report... I went bathing suit shopping today, which I HATE, but it had to be done. I found a nice top, but I'm having no luck with bottoms. I just... really dislike bikini bottoms. They're fine on other people, but I just find them way too revealing and uncomfortable for myself. So, now I'm on a quest to find some decent swim shorts for women, which I'm expecting to be harder than it sounds.

After spending about three hours doing that, I went home. Watched AT4W. Felt better. (With a title like "TMNT Meets Archie", how can I not? XD) Went to the barn and had fun chattage with a friend.

Oh yeah, and I watched the trailer for the TGWTG.com 2nd anniversary special. I... I squeed multiple times, which I rarely ever do. Seriously, it looks AMAZING. D: WHY CAN'T IT BE MAY 17TH RIGHT NOOOOWWWWWWW OPHPEGOHEWPOGJW';;K [/keyboard smash]

(Would spazz out more, but this is way too long and I need to get to bed. Night!)

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot, the MST3K Amazing Colossal Episode Guide came in for me today! I feel very geekily content now. The only hard part is, I promised I wouldn't read it 'til we're on the beach, so now I can only watch as it sits there by my bed. Mocking me. Begging me to read it. Haaaaaaalp. D:
Wow, it's been exactly a month since I updated! I think I've come to the conclusion that I am terrible at keeping a journal at this point. Sorry!

Hmmm, I seem to have forgotten what exactly I was going to talk about... ummm, well, I've been very busy lately! Not quite as busy as I want a month ago, but I still keep getting preoccupied with little things here and there, namely riding and various fandom related things. The riding is going really well, dressage is coming MUCH easier for me compared to a few months ago. Canterwork especially... before, I would always get scared and tense up whenever we cantered (Which I know had to have had some effect on Mio), mainly because he's tried to buck me off while cantering before, plus it's not like he has the easiest canter in the world to ride. Now though, I feel completely relaxed and confident while doing it, and Mio seems to have calmed down a lot too. My riding teacher also said we looked like a completely different horse and rider, and gave me a bunch of really nice compliments, which was wonderful to hear. ^^ Now, if only I could keep his head down...

Oh, and riding in my trainer's dressage saddle is probably helping me some, too. She's letting me barrow hers until we can buy one ourselves (Dad said sometime after May 15th, huzzah!), and I love it! It's really comfortable, and I no longer feel like I'm being pushed forward in my seat anymore. I can't WAIT to get rid of my jumping saddle. XD

As far as fandom stuff goes, not much to report there... I'm really into MST3K again, although there's never been a time where I've NOT been into it, so that's probably a stupid thing to say. XD Also, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for the TGWTG.com 2 year anniversary videos in a few weeks. Like, more excited than I probably should be. From what various site contributors have been hinting at, it sounds awesome, and I'm actually looking forward to the inevitable behind-the-scenes videos as much as the finished product. The 17th can't come sooner!

...SPEAKING OF WHICH, I'm going on vacation to South Padre Island on the 16th! I haven't been on an actual fun trip (Moving does NOT count) in about three years, so I'm practically bouncing up and down with anticipation. Not only will we be seeing my grandparents and the beach, but I just found out yesterday that my uncle and my cousins will be joining us for a while, which makes this trip about ten times more interesting. Plus, while I haven't been to South Padre since I was a really little kid, I've heard it's by far the best beach in Texas, so I'm going to see whether that's true or not. ...Although considering it's competition, that's not too hard to believe.

(There is a chance we might have to delay our trip, though... weatherchannel.com says it's going to rain on the 16th in South Padre, and Dad says if it rains, we can't go. =/ I'm REALLY hoping the forecast changes soon. Guess I'll just have to cross my fingers?)

Anyways, I have to eat dinner soon, so I guess that's all for now. Sorry for such a boring entry... just wanted to let LJ know that I'm very much alive and not dead. :P I'll try to update more in the coming weeks.

(Also, new journal layout, whoo!)
your synaesthesia.

Decided to join in and try out this here meme. Looks fun. :D

Yeah, so, my life has actually been really busy lately! Now that the sun has come out and the weather has warmed up, suddenly it seems that me and my family have all this energy, so we've been going out a whole lot more. On Easter Sunday, we went out and hiked for a bit, and then just spent the rest of the night hanging out, and we ate some delicious food from Central Market. Best steak ever.

The day after that, we decided to drive out to the hill country to take some pictures of the wildflowers that bloom here every year, and any Texan will tell you that they sadly don't last very long, so we wanted to get photos now before they started disappearing. Overall, it was a really enjoyable day... we got some lunch at Subway and had a picnic at the Lyndon B. Johnson park in Johnson City (We even managed to find some Easter eggs that other people had missed the previous day, because we are just that awesome), and then after that we visited the living history farm located right next to it, which I used to visit all the time when I was younger. It was pretty neat to go back to.

After that, we drove a while into the mountains, where we got some pretty amazing pictures of the wildflowers and various other things. I took over a hundred pictures that day, so it's going to take me FOREVER to edit them, but here's a preview of what I have done so far.

And then yesterday, poor Mio had to have new shoes put in AND his teeth floated all in the same morning, but after waiting around for that, my dad decided to take me out for the day, and we took a bus into downtown Austin and walked around the entire area. I absolutely adore downtown, I really do... there's just something so quirky and good humored about it, but at the same time, it's also very pretty... if you can consider cities pretty like I do, anyways.

There's so much to do down there, too... I had a cheesesteak at The Hickory Tree for lunch that was really good, visited the Austin Museum of Art, checked out the inside of the Driskill Hotel (Which was AMAZING, by the way), and found a really cool hat shop that I was half tempted to blow all of my birthday money in. They also had a fedora that looked suspiciously like Linkara's, which I, of course, got a kick out of. XD

Oh yeah, and I also visited the Museum of the Weird again, and had a sorta geeky conversation with the lady working there about various weird and mysterious things. Sort of a not-so-secret hobby of mine to research stuff like that, though I don't talk about it because I don't think most people would be interested. We also talked about about MST3K, since she told us the big monitor lizard living there was named Torgo. She said she loves the show, but she had never heard of that episode, so both Dad and I told her to check it out. Now that I think back on it, I'm feeling slightly guilty, though... I've seen the movie so many times that I have this sort of weird love/hate relationship with it, but most people don't feel the same way. Hopefully she won't kill me the next time I visit! 8D;

Anyways, after that, we took the new train home, and despite being exhausted, I stayed up 'til 2AM due to a sudden burst of adrenaline. As a result, I'm totally exhausted today, so I intend on just laying around and maybe editing a few photos. XD

But, all in all, while I don't want to say life has been great lately, ONLY because while I'm not that superstitious, I really don't want to jinx it... but I've been very happy. I've been productive (Still need to draw more, though!), outgoing, and on top of that, I'm finally making friends at the barn, and my lessons have been going great.

Lets just hope it keeps up, ehh?

The Barn

Photos galore! Took these at the barn while feeling particularly inspired the other day. I'm pretty pleased with them.

Read moreCollapse )


It's my birthday today! I am officially 17 years old. :D

Like last year, it was a very quiet birthday, but it was nice... I woke up to Spoony's SWAT 4 finale, and that's always been one of my favorite video series of his, so that was a neat little surprise to wake up to. After that, I just surfed the internet like I usually do, and then I went to the barn for the first time in about four days. Mio was... hyper. He seemed happy to see me, though. XD

Once we got home and Dad came back from work, we went out to eat at Saltlick BBQ, and anyone who knows me knows that's one of my favorite restaurants in the world. The meat is super good, and the BBQ sauce is to DIE for. And this is coming from someone who normally HATES all BBQ sauce. Really good stuff.

After that we went home and opened presents... I got Coraline on DVD from my parents, a really spiffy hat from my aunt and uncle, and on a more confusing note, a picture frame. ...Not that I don't appreciate the gift, but I'm not entirely sure what they're expecting me to use it for. XD; My parents say that maybe since they know I'm into photography, they were thinking that maybe I could frame one of my pictures in it or something. I'll just go with that theory for now. :P

All in all though, very nice day... except for the fact that I SOMEHOW managed to hurt my shoulder WHILE LAYING DOWN, and it hurts like heck when I move into certain positions. DX I have absolutely no idea how this happened. It almost feels like I pulled a muscle or something, but it's worse than when I hurt my back... I just hope it goes away soon.

...Oh yeah, and I just realized I forgot to update about my week! My grandparents, uncle, and cousins came over for St. Patrick's Day, and it was awesome. We ate some very good food, and had a great and hilarious time together, as always. I would normally document the whole thing, but that would just make this journal longer than it already is. XD

Also, once again, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! ^^ I got some really lovely comments, and I appreciate them all... I seriously do have the best friends and family in the world.


So, uhhh... it snowed here all day here in Texas yesterday. What.

Unedited pictures behind cut!Collapse )

I know that seems pretty pathetic compared to a lot of places, but around here, it's practically a miracle. Lets just hope it's the last one of the winter, and we can move on to springtime now. XD

Also, went to the Texas History Museum today! It was... alright, I suppose. I honestly greatly prefer natural history museums, they're just so much more fun to me. This one was a bit too much information in one place for me to handle, my brain started to hurt after a couple of hours of reading. Still, not a bad way to spend the afternoon, I guess. I just hope that next time we can go to the natural history museum in Houston or something.

Also, in regards to my last entry: I'm feeling better. ^^

(PS: The song I'm listening to is freaking awesome. I'm addicted.)


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